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Psychological Immigration Hardship Evaluations

Within my practice, I seek to help individuals currently struggling with immigration issues through providing psychological evaluations and counseling services.

Going through the process of filing for US resident status or defending oneself against deportation can be a very anxiety provoking time in many individuals’ lives.  However, finding someone who has extensive experience and whose evaluations have been successfully cited by Judges in the appeals process can be a very important step in one’s immigration case.

Individuals often seek Immigration/Hardship Evaluation services to document the following difficulties:

Extreme Hardship

Evaluations are often performed for non-citizens or for non-citizen’s spouse and children.  This evaluation would identify the ways in which a non-citizen or non-citizen’s family would suffer extreme hardship if the non-citizen was deported or not allowed to enter the country.  Common concerns include psychological stressors, emotional hardship (i.e. depression, anxiety, worry, fear for the future), health concerns, financial considerations, and educational opportunities.

Cognitive Difficulties

Cognitive and Learning Disorder evaluations are also performed to document difficulties that may limit an individual’s ability to pass the required examination for citizenship.

Psychological Stressors

Some individuals may fail to file for political asylum within one year of entering the country, as required by law.  A psychological evaluation would document the presence of psychological stressors that may have prevented a person from filing for political asylum within one year.

While I do not provide clients with legal advice, I am happy to work alongside your attorney or provide you with referrals for experienced immigration attorneys.