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4th Trimester

Whether you’ve heard of the “fourth trimester” before or not, it’s a very special but challenging time. The 4th trimester,  technically, is the first three months post baby.  During the fourth trimester, your baby may be fussy and crying more than you expected and you and your partner may be sleeping less than you hoped. As your baby adjusts to life outside the womb, you’re left to adjust to new parenthood. Both transitions are hard. Babies often need to be held constantly and their nap and sleep schedules can be erratic, meaning your rest and sleep is disrupted too. In short it can be a time of chaos and major adjustment with little to no preparation. For therapeutic purposes though, the 4th trimester is the first year (and possibly beyond)!

In the months following childbirth, mothers must adapt to plunging hormones, recover from birth and learn how to feed and care for a new infant. These changes also impact fathers, just in a different way.  Amid these challenges, new parents receive minimal support from the healthcare system and, often, families and friends have their own responsibilities. So we’re sorely lacking the “village” we so desperately need. Realizing this unmet need for new parents, the Fourth Trimester program offers the following: 

  • Practical skills to help you rest so your body can heal

  • Unbiased education and encouragement in your ability to be a parent

  • Cognitive behavioral training to deal with intrusive and negative thoughts

  • Education and assessment for postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Help with organization of delegation of tasks to allow you bonding and self-reflection time so you can have a positive mothering journey

  • Wisdom about what is going on with your body and emotions (understanding the roller coaster)

  • Opportunities to debrief about your birthing experience and how you feel about it

  • Learn how to cope with trauma if pregnancy and birth were difficult and impacted your mothering journey

  • Emotional and physical care for your body and mind 


I have received additional training in post natal health and am certified in perinatal mental health care.  I have 20 years of experience treating individuals, parents, and couples, during times of challenge and transition.

If you suffered a miscarriage I am also certified in Compassionate Bereavement Care (see previous page) and you still have a 4th trimester, your journey just looks different.  Therapy in this period may help you cope with the loss of your baby and the loss of what you hoped would be.  There is no need to feel alone, there is help and support. 

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