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Receiving fertility treatments can be a very stressful and emotionally difficult journey. Therapy can help prepare you for what is to come.

Fertility treatments can tax your body but most importantly your mind and soul. Preparing for what is to come, emotionally, can help the reproductive process. If you are experiencing infertility, you may find that your struggles are really impacting your personal relationship with your partner. The rollercoaster of emotions caused by infertility can put extreme stress on any partnership, making it difficult to relate to one another, talk to each other, and lean on one another for support. Many couples feel that infertility negatively affects their relationship in a number of ways. Therapy surrounding infertility issues include:

  • Specific visualization for the IVF / IUI cycle for optimum stress reduction and leveraging your innate mind-body connection

  • Reduce stress each and every day of your medicated cycle

  • Reduce stress that may be hampering your ability to conceive

  • Feel in greater control over your body and health by taking time for yourself every day for an enjoyable, relaxing, “massage” for your mind

  • Learning to use the brain to connect with the body through guided visualization can potentially bring about a physical response to improve fertility and well-being

  • Learning how to communicate what you need and how you feel to your partner



Educational/support groups are also offered. This educational wellness group is only open to 6-8 women at a time and empowers women struggling with infertility with the coping skills necessary to regain control of their bodies, their emotions, and their lives by reducing the damaging effects of stress, depression and anxiety. The group focuses on mastering the stress reduction techniques of deep relaxation, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral restructuring. Practicing these skills has been scientifically proven to reduce the psychological distress associated with infertility and enhance the effectiveness of fertility treatment. Some goals are to:

  • Understand what is happening to your body and emotions

  • Learn how to predict what will trigger negative feelings and how to deal with them

  • Reduce stress and improve mood through a variety of scientifically proven relaxation methods

  • Decrease isolation surrounding infertility

  • Learn how to create healthy protective boundaries with friends and family

  • Get support from those who “get it”

  • Optimize partner support and minimize conflict in this relationship

  • Learn techniques to reduce negative, harmful thoughts

  • Learn self-nurturing skills that teach you how to add back joy in your life

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